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Learn about one of the tests we do: Cream

Palomino, buckskin and smoky black are coat colours that come about when your horse or pony inherits a single copy of the cream gene. Palomino is cream combined with the basic chestnut coat colour, buckskin is cream combined with bay/brown and smoky black is cream combined with black.

Cremello, perlino and smokey cream are coat colours that occur when your horse or pony inherits two copies of the cream gene. These horses have pale cream-coloured coats, pinkish skin and light eyes.

Coat colours caused by the cream gene are beautiful and widely regarded as highly desirable. Genetic testing can tell you how many copies your horse or pony carries.

Gene or region and technical reference

Gene: SLC45A2 (causative). Reference: Mariat, Taourit and Guérin. (2003)

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