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Our last day of testing for the year will be 22 December. The lab will start up again on 2 January 2024.

You can still place new orders and send us samples while we are on break, ready for when we reopen.

DNA testing for health, appearance and pedigree verification in horses

Learn about one of the tests we do: Naked foal syndrome

Naked foal syndrome (NFS) is a fatal inherited disorder that has been found in pure and part-bred Akhal Teke horses. Foals with NFS are born without hair, and may have other physical abnormalities too. All NFS-affected horses recorded so far have died before three years of age. The cause of death is not known.

NFS is an autosomal recessive disorder. Autosomal disorders are equally likely to affect male or female horses, while "recessive" means that a horse needs to inherit the NFS mutation from both its sire and its dam to be affected.

Gene or region and technical reference

Gene: ST14 (causative). Reference: Bauer et al. (2017)

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