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DNA testing for health, appearance and pedigree verification in horses

Learn about one of the tests we do: Dun and nd1

The dun coat colour in horses dilutes both red and black pigment by limiting the distribution of pigment granules to a small part of the hair shaft. This dilution is accompanied by darker undiluted markings that can include a dorsal stripe (most commonly), leg barring, dark ear tips, and shoulder bars. The face and points of dun horses are also usually darker than their bodies.

The coat colour and markings associated with d1 (also called nd1) are less intense than dun, but follow the same pattern. Horses that are positive for d1 but not dun are NOT considered to be dun.

Gene or region and technical reference

Gene: TBX3 (causative). Reference: Imsland et al. (2016)

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