• NEW TEST: W27 dominant white, for Thoroughbreds, Paints and show jumpers descended from the Thoroughbred mare Milady Fair (aka the Colourful Gambler line).

  • NEW TEST: W13 dominant white, for miniature horses descended from Sweetwater Picasso Painted Wild.

  • NEW TEST: splashed white 2 (SW2)

  • Roan! This test works for most ponies and horses, but is not useful for Shetland Ponies, Thoroughbreds or Belgian Heavy Horses.

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agouti | extension | cream
silver | champagne | pearl
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frame overo | sabino 1
splashed white 1 | W20

Mystery solved

Once again our monthly mystery horse is actually two horses. But this time instead of being Paint horses with unusual patterns, we have a dilute mystery! Both horses have pale gold coats, darker silvery manes and tails, and unusual light eyes. They both also have freckly skin around their eyes. The fascinating thing is that genetically the two horses aren't the same colour at all!

To identify their colours and patterns we tested for red/black, agouti, cream, pearl, champagne, silver and Appaloosa.

Read more about the results here.